Behold the Power of Sleaze

The Shysters follow the Code of the Three Rys:
Perjury, Forgery, and Bribery

Kess-Lorr the Foul

A newly minted Shyster Meister assigned by the Shyster Ring to fight Ronin. Having betrayed his wife, his partners, and the world, his only reason for living is to befoul the Court with Shyster slime.

The Slumlords
The Sleazy Slimy Slumlords are a large, rich and powerful clan of Slumlords that has bribes protecting them on almost all levels of government. They begin the Rent War by attacking Ronin in the age-old fashion of the Slumlords-- harassment and arson. Much to their dismay, the mild-mannered Ronin puts up quite a fight.

Mizz Oozem and the Dunce Factory
A secret order of malicious state-armored dunces conspires to keep any pro se from receiving justice from the courts. While fighting Ronin, Oozem sees a chance to win Dunce Gold if she can fool the federal courts into making the stupidest rulings ever.

Say-Zar and the Department of Horribly Corrupt Referees
Say-Zar the Barbarian, in charge of harassing tenants at the DHCR, has never seen anything that qualifies as harassment in his book- especially when the bribes are a-flowin'. Hail Say-Zar!!

Judge Sludge
An aberration, a Shyster-Meister that managed to sleaze his way onto the federal bench. A member of the Shyster-Ring, he develops the Shyster's Affirmative Defense (S.A.D.) to protect his cronies.