Rent Wars
The Good

You Were Warned.....


Ronin Amano
Forced to fight by the greedy Slumlord, Ronin proves to be a tough opponent. Ronin is an Amish Barracudi trained at the Temple of the Law Gods under Masters Am and Geoff. He uses enchanted weapons and magic to fend off the Shysters. Ronin suffers from the effects of Nemisis venom.

The Magistrate
A powerful retired Federal Judge who travels the far and wide using his awesome Gavel to mete out justice for deserving underdogs. He intervenes and rescues Ronin from Nemisis, and hopes to repair Ronin so that he can carry on the Magistrate's life's work.

The Magistrate's Second, herself a powerful attorney and former Circuit Level Law Clerk, who tunes and charges the Magistrate's Gavel with spells before Legal Combat ensues. She is one of the most dedicated, sincere, and empathic attorneys in modern law. She is one of the Pale. She persuades the Pale High Priest to protect Ronin from Nemisis in New York.

Master Am
One of the most respected and talented Masters in the Temple of the Law Gods. Ronin's primary Instructor when he was a boyish acolyte in the Temple. Master Am was Silenced by the treacherous demon Nemisis when he tried to help his young student.

Master Geoff
The Mad Heretic of the Temple who studies the Dark Arts of the Sliss Heresy. While frightening to young Ronin, his bizarre teachings gave him a framework from which to fight Nemisis and later the Shysters.

Ronin's Second. Created by Ronin before he joined the Temple, Tron is an artificial intelligence who dislikes most humans. His favorite movies are Terminator 1 and 2, The Matrix, and Bladerunner, but he complains that the endings stunk. His most hated authors are Isaac Asimov because of the Laws of Robotics ("Thankfully that hasn't caught on!", Tron) and Frank Herbert for the Butlerian Jihad. Tron suffers from the mysterious Blue Screen of Death developed by Microsoft and must be periodically resuscitated by Ronin.

The Pale High Priest
Leader of the Pale Temple- the biggest threat to the demon Nemisis.

Skull the Shyster Slayer
Hailing from the dusty West this Barracudi shocked the Shysters of New York with his powerful anti-Shyster magics which became Second Circuit law when he won the Rome case. The easy defense to his brutal style of magical combat is to simply tell the truth. But honesty is a poison to Shysters so they end up facing messy death at his hands. Although initially Skull fought the Shysters to aid his wife and her partner, The Valkryries, Shyster slaying has become Skull's personal crusade.

Mach Law
A speedy Barracudi who joins Ronin in the battle against Kess-Lorr.