The Malefactor Nemisis

I Will Be God


Like Octavia Butler's Doro, this creature has the ability to live in different bodies. Unlike Doro, it's hosts must be voluntary and it can simultaneously support multiple hosts. Nemisis is what would commonly be called a Demon. The word "Malefactor" is a title bestowed upon demons of rank within the armies of Satan. Although over 400 years old, Nemisis is very young and weak by demonic standards. Having never seen God, he believes that Satan is schizophrenic. Nemisis has a goal. He wants to be God. He has even written his own commandments. Nemisis infests the Temple. Nemisis despises Jews and Blacks. Nemisis triply despises Ronin for designing the Phoenix coin.

Eunuchs of Corruption
These are Nemisis' host bodies. Evil in their own right they thrill to do evil. There can only be three at one time.

Nemisis Puppets
Nemisis is like a spider sitting in the center of a web with strings of extortion. By infesting the Temple Nemisis has been able to hook and string all levels of society, all political stripes, and of all religions, and all levels within those religions. Using these strings Nemisis seeks to rule the country, the world, and finally the universe.

The Evil Clerk
A Dark Barracudi who dreams of being a Eunuch of Corruption to share the raw power of the Demon Nemisis. Trained as a Barracudi and having clerked for a Second Circuit Judge, he is roughly equivalent in power to the Sorceress. Dispatched by Nemisis to assist Kess-Lorr against Ronin, the Evil Clerk builds armor and weapons with Barracudi magic made compatible with Shyster tricks.

An evil Master of Law dedicated to the eradication of the Black race for the glory of Satan. Di-Gong is himself Black.