"Beware the Nemisis!"

The Sorceress
The Sorceress is a powerful Barracudi of the highest order who is a master of appeals and sometimes prefers the role of Second. Trained at the Pale Temple and apprenticed to a federal circuit judge, she is formidable indeed. She prefers to levitate above the game board, and when in battle her fiery red hair ignites into locks of flame. She joined the Magistrate to fight the Nemisis for Ronin. After the Magistrate formed his tribunal to counter the Nemisis Circuit's abomination and resurrected Ronin, Sorceress cast a spell transporting Ronin to the protected domains of the Second Circuit.

She is one of the most loyal attorneys any client could wish for. To Ronin she is more than a mere lawyer. She is more like an older sister. She is family. Her constant sacrifices and energy-draining seances to raise Ronin's spirit were a major part of the process that brought Ronin back from beyond. "Stay focused. Do not succumb to despair." When Ronin was unable to talk to anyone else, Ronin could talk to her.

Despised by the Harpies, Sorceress was blacklisted from order upon order within the Nemisis Circuit despite her incredible powers. Prior to the Rent Wars she was teamed with the Magistrate. But in the time of the Rent Wars she has struck out on her own. A one woman crusade, an order of one. She fights the Harpies, even managing to win sometimes against all odds in a federal circuit that is completely under the influence of the Harpies ultimate master, the Malefactor Nemisis.

When the severely injured Ronin told her that he intended to fight Nemisis again from New York to prevent the creature from hounding him for eternity, she was frightened for him. He was far too weak to fight anyone, let alone the vile demonic creature. At first she tried to persuade him that Nemisis would let him be, but Ronin persuaded her that the creature wanted his head as a trophy. Worried that he would be mauled again by the creature, she made Ronin promise to wait as she traveled to the Pale Temple to see the mysterious and musical Pale High Priest to plead for help. At first she thought that he had refused, but then he gave her a key to the Black Tower for Ronin to use.

Very grateful to the high priest she wisked the key to Ronin who activated it. Shortly thereafter Ronin became a client of the world famous Black Tower and its phalanxes of skilled barracudi. No one, including Ronin, expected the Nemisis to press the issue against so large a tower in so clean a circuit. But Ronin's original projections came true as the tenacious Malefactor deployed his unlimited wealth and numerous puppets to hound Ronin. The creature cleverly avoided an open battle between two large towers, choosing instead quieter methods to counter the Black Tower. One of which was to subvert some within the Black Tower and to have them violate the most stringent barracudi taboo by sabotaging Ronin's case.

Sorceress became suspicious when the mighty tower failed to make basic arguments or find basic cases. She warned Ronin to be alert to sabotage and he in turn alerted the judge. Thereafter the Tower's Master Gi became involved and made his tower follow the Code- no more, no less. The case dragged on for years with the Nemisis able to grind mercilessly. Had Ronin fought the battle pro se he would have been ground up. Anything less than a Tower would have been sorely tested.

Sorceress's compassion for her clients is often regarded as harmful by most barracudi, but with her great skills she can see the world through her client's eyes and spot powerful issues that most other lawyers would miss, and see consequences others ignore. Her compassion is her power. Ironically, Ronin didn't always see it that way due to his barracudi training. But now, older and wiser, he believes that her compassion is what allows her to levitate above the fray. Sorceress is a master of appeals, able to craft mail with threads of the strongest logical steel. Her ability to repeatedly mine diamonds of legal gems from the dark pit of the research abyss is unmatched. As one of the Pale, she uses the Pale Temple variations of standard barracudi magics. In addition to her other legal powers, she and the Sorcerer maintain rapport. He offers her guidance and support. Therefore, sometimes Ronin benefits vicariously from the reflected impressions of a federal circuit judge of a clean circuit.