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Professor Victor Bernace

.....A professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Harvard-trained lawyer, community activist, and political figure. Raised in poverty and educated in New York's public schools, Victor brings to bear insight in addition to his legal and research expertise.

Victor interviews
Councilman Jackson

RWN with City Council Speaker Gifford Miller

Assemblyman Stringer with Victor

Anil "Neil" Taneja, Esq.

With an MBA in addition to his law degree, Neil brings a unique perspective to the legal issues that face the public. During his tenure as the right-hand to Mel Sachs, one of the most well-known trial attorneys in New York, Neil developed strong advocacy skills which help him to report on the complex housing situation.


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Rent Wars News asks the tough questions and give pro se litigants the information they need to help even the playing field. We'll even help you learn how to find a good lawyer if you can afford one (good meaning "sincere" and "competent". Also see our online help section).


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Future Show Topics

Thieving Marshals and the Storage Scam
What happens to your stuff when you get evicted? How can an employed family with two TV's, furniture, and a cat end up homeless, unemployed, and ruined? We'll take you into the netherworld of the post-eviction. If you thought there was a safety net, you may be in for a surprise.

Tenant Self Defense 101 (4 episodes)
The Basics- Court Navigation, How to Submit an Answer (The Affirmative Defenses), Preparing for Trial, Stopping Sewer Service (evictions without notice), and more.

Home Equity Loan Scams: From Landlord to Homeless in 2 years
You thought you owned your building, but now you find yourself being evicted by your second mortgage company. How can this happen? What can you do to stop it?

Without Notice: The Corrupt Appellate Terms issue Secret Warrants of Eviction
If you thought Sewer Service was bad, how about an Appellate Court that issues secret eviction warrants against represented tenants to prevent their lawyers from arguing the appeal, and to prevent the lawyers from appealing higher. If they treat tenants with lawyers this bad, then what are they doing to the unrepresented tenants???

License to Sleaze: The Corrupt Appellate Term Moons the Second Circuit
So, you thought that the Highest Federal Court in the New York had the power to make attorneys follow the law? Well, not according to three corrupt appellate judges in Brooklyn who tell the Shysters to "Sleaze On!" Not to be out done, three corrupt appellate judges from Manhattan have also given the green light to sleaze.

Basic Housing Code for Tenants and SHO
Everything you wanted to know about the housing code but didn't know who to ask.

JackPot: Who Wants to Stay a Millionaire!
An Illegal Slumlord Trick to avoid taxes may have transferred ownership rights to over 10,000 or more tenants citywide. Are you one of the lucky ones? Forget game shows, you may have already won your millions. This episode tells you what to do to keep the Slumlord from stealing your new building away from you.

Slumlord Credit Reports: Have You Been Blacklisted?
This report will surprise you when you least expect it. If you are looking for a new apartment and despite a good job and good credit you get the cold shoulder, you may be Blacklisted. You can be Blacklisted on the Slumlord Database even if you never paid rent late and left your last apartment in pristine condition. What is the Slumlord Database and what rights do you have? How do you get around the Blacklist? Can you sue the Database for money damages? (This story currently available on line)

and much more!!