The Magistrate

"I will NOT stand by and let it happen without a fight!!!"

The Magistrate
The Magistrate is a former federal Magistrate Judge who left the judiciary to take the Long Walk (see Judge Dredd references). Traveling from place to place wielding his mighty gavel in the service of justice. A knight errant, a traveling superhero of extreme power seeking people in need. A one man cavalry. A paladin. A hero. Ronin's own personal dragon slayer.

It is true that a federal Magistrate Judge wields less direct power than a federal District Judge. However, District Judges are selected by the Emporer and confirmed by the Senate. Magistrate Judges are selected by a majority of the District Judges themselves. It would not be inaccurate to say that Magistrate Judges are the Judges that the Judges would select. They wield influence far beyond their official station. Often, a Magistrate who has held office for a time has the respect and friendship of the District Judges who have been promoted to the Circuit. Respect for a senior Magistrate with whom a Circuit Judge has worked can far exceed the respect for a District Judge.

The Magistrate is one of the most powerful individuals in Rent Wars. His gavel, The Gavel, is made of an unknown metal (rumored to be a chip from Mjolnir). When wielded by the Magistrate in any court in the Empire the Gavel becomes attuned to that court and it becomes a gavel of that court. When the Magistrate enters a court it is as if there are two judges. On appeal the appellate courts treat the Magistrate's arguments with the same deference afforded the trial judge. In addition, his mastery of appellate authority gives him an even greater appellate edge. His gavel also limits the amount of "twisting" that can be done within a court, preventing judges from creating arcane mockeries of the playing field.

The Magistrate still wears his federal judicial armor. The most powerful in the land and wearable only by judges. It is impervious and immune to jurisdictional limitations.

In addition to his raw power and his magical armament, the Magistrate has the powers of flight, speed, and thunder. His great wisdom and a true respect for the Barracudi code match his great compassion. Moreover, the Magistrate retains the power of Tribunal when joined by two more judges. In any list of top lawyers the Magistrate always ranks at the top and never lower than third.


"Keep up the fight!"

When he first observed young Ronin's fight against the Nemisis, he saw the Barracudi watching indifferently. A young acolyte, no matter how talented or how well trained, is no match for a monstrous demon. Watching entranced by the young acolyte's technique with Robe Spear, the Magistrate came to the grim realization that none of the Barracudi watching were prepared to step in to assist the boy, none were there for rescue, only entertainment. Ronin was faltering, as anyone would facing this draconic evil. Rage boiled up in the Magistrate and he had the Sorceress ready his weapons and armor. He surveyed the audience, in it were High Barracudi and even a Temple Master. All of these attorneys, and not one would help a young acolyte in need? What has become of this profession?

"I will not stand by and let this happen without a fight!" shouted the Magistrate as he flew into the air, soaring high like an eagle. With a searing determination he swung his gavel round and round, gathering speed, before aiming it at the Nemisis and launching. With lightning speed the Magistrate and his Gavel sped towards the head of the beast, the magic steel connecting with a powerful blow.

Surprised and stunned by the power of the blow the Nemisis retreated a short ways.

"What is the meaning of this!" demanded DiGong. "What business is this of yours?"

Ignoring him, the Magistrate gathered up Young Ronin and flew back to his fortress.

"Interfere if you want Magistrate, but be ready to pay dearly for disrupting our sport!" DiGong yelled after him. "Dearly!"

When they arrived at the fortress young Ronin explained that he had been betrayed by his own lawyers. That they had stolen his money and left him to perish. He told the Magistrate about Nemisis' destruction of his post at the Glass Tower, and that there would be no money with which to pay him. "I have no coin with which to pay you, Honored Magistrate." With a smile the Magistrate accepted Ronin as a client. Wielding Robe Spear young Ronin went to the lawyers that had betrayed him and liberated his file.

While Ronin returned to the Second Circuit to continue his doomed battle against Nemisis from there, the Magistrate began his battle in the Nemisis Circuit. From the very beginning strange things took place. Strange and disturbing things.

"No matter how this turns out, don't despair." The Magistrate said. "I promise you that if necessary I will fight the appeal to the bitter end, and I will get you the finest lawyers and they will fight the remand for you as a favor for me."

Ronin's case in the Second Circuit was transferred to the Nemisis Circuit where it promptly disappeared without a trace. A grim Ronin stared at the Magistrate.

"You fought well and you did get some useful information." The old man smiled.

"What good is it, the case has disappeared. In the Nemisis circuit there is no justice."

"Hmph!" the Magistrate leaned forward. "I have decided my fee. I want you to give your word that at the end of this you will take up my crusade and help the helpless."

Ronin pondered for a moment before agreeing. "I was kind of planning to do that anyway."

"I know that. There is more." The old man grinned widely. "I want you to agree to don state armor."

Ronin sputtered. "What?!"

"That's right. State armor. There is no better training for a litigator." The Magistrate chuckled as Ronin offered reason upon reason it could not be done. "You let me worry about the logistics. I want your word."

And finally Ronin agreed.

But it was for naught, even the mighty Magistrate can't sway Nemisis puppets.

"I am old and on my way out." He told the judge. And he continued laying out the personal importance and the broader importance of the case. Words so powerful that they still can rock the ground after all these years. Words far too powerful to repeat here, at this time. "He is the future, and I will not stand by and let this happen without a fight!"

Later in the battle, an injured, weary Magistrate turned towards Ronin. "I have failed you."

"Isn't it ironic." Ronin chuckled. "The attorneys who fight valiantly for me worry about failure, but the ones who betrayed me worry about nothing. The failure was the court's, Magistrate, not yours."

"What is it about you Ronin? I know these judges, I socialize with them, this is not like them. I've never seen them do anything like this."

"Honored Magistrate, the judges of this Circuit are puppets to the beast we fight."

"Is that what it is?"

Later, Judge Zekiel cried out the warning, "Nazis!!!" and summoned the Magistrate, the Tribunal convened, led by the Magistrate, and defeated the corrupted federal circuit in battle. The Nemisis was unable to use it's open magics to disrupt the Tribunal under the glare of The Uncle.

Years later the Magistrate was invited to the Temple to speak as an honored elder. He looked around at the schmoozing crowd of lawyers and acolytes, none of whom would be willing or able to protect any needy client. Mindless chatterers patting themselves on their backs for a job not done. The Magistrate took the podium and spoke. "Don't praise yourselves too hard. Don't forget what happened here to the Ronin. Don't pretend that injustice is a thing of the past. Never let it happen again. Don't forget the Ronin."

Angry the Magistrate stalked out of the now silent room. He had heard cries for help, inaudible to the room full of lawyers. Will no one take up my crusade? he thought sadly as he alone flew to the rescue.

Ronin refuses to condemn the entire profession of lawyers. While scum like the betrayer lawyers, Oozem, and Kess-Lorr do exist, after seeing the Magistrate and the Sorceress in action, what sane person could deny that the profession has an honorable and noble side.