Rent Wars

Circuit Judges

Judge Peer Level
He presides over the first appellate panel. His stony visage hides a heart of gold. To this judge we are all his peers, and the scales of justice must be level. All human beings merit his attention and courtesy. Even the janitors merit a greeting from this judge. He is much beloved by the little people around him. Ronin is fond of this judge because he issued Ronin's first successful constitutional strike of a statute. He is open to pro se argument.

Judge Calibrate
"Tinker, tinker does the thinker." This judge presides over the second appellate panel. He approaches the law like a pianist tuning a piano. To him ethics are a living breathing thing. When exposed to an unethical lawyers he intones, "There will be consequences." Judge Calibrate is open to pro se argument.

District Judges

Judge Tegira
A Jekyll and Hyde judge who presides over the battle between Ronin and the Slumlords. According to Clerkvision, she is has the lowest reversal rating in the circuit. But is that due to robotic deference to powerful parties? or to real insight into the law? In her courtroom, legal ethics are extinct and lawyers are encouraged to greater displays of vile behavior. In direct battle with Ronin she promises, "I will be fair!" But is she sincere? Will this judge's Jekyll nature prevail or will her Hyde nature prevail? (The syllables of Tegira's name are pronounced in a different order when she is in Hyde mode).

The Magus
A brave and powerful former High Priest who officiates the battle between Ronin, the Black Tower, and Nemisis. He uses great wisdom to divine justice. In this age of mindless judicial lemmings wisdom, in all its forms, is frowned upon. He has Insight akin to telepathy. As creative as he is wise, the Magus balances the scales and weighs the merits. He is a judge unafraid of Nemisis. But is Ronin worthy? Can he pass the Magus' tests? And if so, is any judge brave enough to directly defy the Malefactor Nemisis? Without knowing the answer to these questions, Ronin was so impressed by this ingenious judge and his amazingly effective methodology that early in the proceedings Ronin classified him as a WLOD judge.

Judge Sludge
An aberration, a Shyster-Meister that managed to sleaze his way onto the federal bench. A member of the Shyster-Ring, he develops the Shyster's Affirmative Defense (S.A.D.) to protect his cronies.

Judge Dimlit
"Stupid girl! Me show her! Stay at home and just make babies!" Can a federal judge really be a malevolent, nose-picking, drooling idiot? Why does his dunce cap have eyeholes? And does he have contact with DiGong? Why do the Slumlords act as though he's been bribed? Can Ronin survive the judicial version of the DDA?


Housing Court Judges

Judge Kal-Indor
A Housing Court judge that acts more like a federal judge. He presides over the hearing of The Slumlords v. Ronin. When presented with complex legal issues he performs with excellence. Can a clean judge such as Kal-Indor survive in the cess-pool that is the Housing Court?

Judge Altered Man
"What are you? Some kinda lawyer or something?"
"No, but I have some training."
"Even worse."