Rent Wars 2002 Endorsements-McCall, Hevesi, Spitzer

Rent Wars (Rentwars)

Monday, November 04, 2002 - 04:24 pm
In this election there has been a clarity of choice
available in no other state election of recent vintage.
The classic good versus evil. Tenant versus Slumlord.
Clean versus Dirty. McCall versus Pataki.

Rent Wars Endorses Carl McCall.

To quote Assemblyman Scott Stringer, "A tenant
would have to be CRAZY to vote for Pataki!"
Rent Wars takes it a step further. We believe that
any small homeowner would have to be twice as crazy
to vote for Pataki than any tenant! He has been
using eminent domain to snatch private property
from small landlords to give for free to his
party's big contributors. He has no respect for
the tenant's leasehold and statutory property
rights, and he has no respect for small owner's
property rights either. With the cowed and timid
judiciary acting like ostriches he can snatch away
any property in state for less than 10% of its
market value. And he has been doing just that, in
the name of stadiums, big box stores, you name it.

Pataki is more than just a threat to tenants, he is
a threat to all non-millionaires.

Rent Wars wholeheartedly joins with the unanimous
and ringing endorsements of Carl McCall by the
various tenant groups. Rare indeed is unanimity
in the tenant's movement, but in Carl McCall is
a record of public support for fairness to tenants,
for holding the line against displacement, and for

But can he win?
According to the major media Carl McCall is a remote
second. They acted this way even when their own polls
showed him within 6 points of the lead. When you add
to this the fact that the pollsters have traditionally
under-counted the minority vote and seem to have a
political agenda adverse to doing so (this point will
be fleshed out in a later edition of RWN). The large
media establishments are being bought off by Pataki-
most notably the New York Times* which is getting a
virtual freebie in Midtown snatched by the same
eminent domain scam mentioned above. No surprise if they
endorse him, if you convert the value of the property
into dollars, Pataki has paid a king's ransom for the
endorsement. The so-called "alternative" newspaper
the Village Voice suddenly forgot to endorse McCall.
Is this yet another example of it's cloaked racist
policy of demeaning minorities, or another display of
the real estate industry's advertising dollars
exercising editorial power (note the elimination of
Towers & Tenements).

McCall is openly against the use of eminent domain to
steal from the (not so) poor to give to the (extremely)
rich. McCall has spoken out against the ill-timed
stadium madness in this time of fiscal strife. If
McCall was planning to kill your multi-million dollar
sweetheart deal would you endorse him? Kenny Shaeffer of
the Met Council accused the major media of a conspiracy
to keep McCall's message from the public. Is it really
possible that the duty to report has been overwhelmed by

So ignore the major media. Pataki did. Remember years ago
up to the last minute they said that Mario Cuomo had the
race won. Add to this the entry of the popular Hilly-Wan
Clinobi and her husband, the enormously popular former
president, into the fray with "get out the vote" campaign
calls and television spots.

This Tuesday Carl McCall can win with your vote.

So vote McCall!

Rent Wars also endorses Alan Hevesi for Comptroller as a
friend of tenants.

Also remember to vote for:
Dennis Mehiel for Lieutenant Governor

Eliot Spitzer for Attorney General
(read the reasons here)

Liz Krueger for State Senator
26th Senatorial District
Upper Manhattan

The rest of the Democrats on the ballot.

* both the Times and the Daily News were very
enthusiastic in their endorsements of McCall for
the Primary but appear to be critical of him ever
since he won.