Rent Wars (Rentwars)

Tuesday, March 26, 2002 - 03:00 pm
For the Sins of Others- Drug Evictions Upheld by Supreme Court
In another devestating blow to the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, in an 8-0 ruling, upheld the eviction of innocent tenants for the misbehavior of household members. Is this is in complete contrast to the American tradition against punishing a family for the crimes of an individual member?

Failing Mortgages Soar in New York
While the Slumlords grow fat on profit, small homeowners are dropping like flies.

Confusion in Crown Heights Did local politicians protect a building from a Guiliani style giveaway? or did they cement a tyrant in place? In January we did the story of Edna's eviction (a more detailed story on Edna is in the works at City Limits). In her story, Hope Community, a non-profit that wields several million dollars in cash and recieved the building for $1, evicted her, a disabled senior citizen, by miscalculating her income. Hope Community turned out to be as mean spirited a slumlord as any for-profit slumlord outfit. In the story by Andrew Friedman below, we hear tell of allegations about the tenant leader that are strikingly similar to the allegations made against Edna's tenant leaders by a smear campaign when Hope Community grabbed her building for a buck.

The following stories are all from City Limits weekly (Great coverage guys!):
Welfare for City Slumlords? Been convicted of harassing your tenants? If Yes, the City of New York wants to give you MONEY!!!

Marvelous Marvin Markup returns to head the Rent Guidelines Board, but can he hope to match the outrageous skyrocketing rents set by the previous RGB?? Will he even try??

Ten Days is Not Enough! State Supreme Court Justice Mason demonstrates that some state judges have read the constitution.

The Violator Will the City finally enforce the law against a Bronx Slumlord who has paid no taxes and made no repairs for over 5 years?? And are we supposed to be happy that the same courts and agencies that can screw a tenant in 5 days take over 8 years to enforce against even the most blatant Slumlords?

SBLS smartens NYCHA on Sec. 8 South Brooklyn Legal Services succeeded in getting the New York City Housing Authority to agree to changes to help Section 8 tenants.