.......Rentwars: Ronin is fortunate to have the voice talents of an excellent group of actors. This page will introduce you to some of them and some of their accomplishments. Most of the actors here play the voices for multiple characters. We will only list one character for each actor (see the credits page to see each actor's other roles). Can you guess which actor plays which roles? You will be very surprised.


In alphabetical order

Roseanne Carlo D'Angelo
Judge Ragite
Roseanne is currently appearing in "The Godfather's Meshuggener Wedding" (LI cast).
Click here to see her interview clip.

Charles Demby
The Magistrate
Charles appeared in the Ridley Scott movie "Hannibal" and the Soderbergh movie "Traffic". He has also appeared in feature films and TV shows too numerous to list here.
Currently he is the Captain of the Supers at the Baltimore Opera.
Click here for his interview.

Matt Elliot
Master Am
Matt has appeared in a range of productions from CBS's "Guiding Light" to Aaron Spelling's "Savannah".

Letha Francis
Letha appeared in HBO's "The Corner" and the Shakespeare Theater's "The Merchant of Venice".

Ginger Kipps
Mizzz Oozem
Ginger appeared on ABC's "All My Children" and the Theater in Action's "The Jewish Wife" in addition to numerous off-broadway theater productions.
Click here for her interview.

James Liebman
Abe (Slumlord Junior Grade)
In addition to playing several roles in Episode 1, this talented young actor also played lead guitar in "Warbeat", the song that plays in the background of the trailer. His guitar solo also opens the episode.
Click here to see his interview and guitar solo.

Anna Pizarro
DHCR Crone/ Doomed Student
To look at her it is hard to believe that this young actress plays an evil, tax-eating, tenant-hating DHCR lawyer-Crone. For this reason we have listed another of her roles- the Doomed Student.

Ari Picker
Playing a Redneck villainous shyster came naturally for Ari. In fact, he's so good at it, he's fearful of being typecast. But for reasons that will become clear in the credits we think he has nothing to worry about. (A daring photographer managed to snap this low light shot of the elusive Ari).
Click here to see Ari's interview.


Anna Stone
When we cast for Sorceress, we received such an overwhelming response from just about every actor with a British accent. In the end, only Anna was left standing.