What is Rent Wars?

..........Rent Wars is a website and TV show that chronicles the travails of tenants who live in buildings owned and operated by Slumlords. It hopes to educate tenants as to their rights. In addition, Rent Wars will detail and highlight some of the arcane trickery used by the Slumlords to steal buildings away from small landlords (or Small Home Owners or SHO). It is believed that by educating normal landlords about the nature of the Slumlords and their immunity from taxes, regulations, and laws, that the normal landlords will help in the fight to keep the various agencies honest. (Afterall, if a Slumlord who owns 6000 units in Manhattan can get away with paying nothing in property taxes, why should a regular landlord have to pay, or lose title for not paying their much higher taxes for their much smaller buildings.)

..........There are two separate parts to Rent Wars: Ronin (Ronin's story) and the newsmagazine Rent Wars News.

..........Rent Wars: Ronin is an animated parody of realistic court battles in New York. By using realistic legal principles set in a kung fu meets swords and sorcery motif, RWR entertains a wide audience while unobtrusively educating them in basic legal concepts and legalese.

..........Rent Wars News is a half hour newsmagazine that explores issues relevant to tenants and small private landlords/ small home owners. Each month a supplement of additional information about segments on our show is available online (with online supplementary text, audio and/or video).


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